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Your Debt-to-Income Ratio Calculation

Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is an important factor when applying for a mortgage or refinance. Not only does it play a role in your ability to qualify, but it can also influence your interest rate and the long-term costs of your loan.

A Guide to First-Time Buyer Resources

Fortunately, if you’re a first-timer — or if you haven’t owned a home in at least three years — there are loads of federal and state resources available. They can make buying a home easier, more affordable, and more accessible.

4 Key Questions About Mortgage Points

When you buy a home, you tend to encounter a lot of financial jargon. Whether you’re buying your first home, a move-up space or an investment property, there are countless new phrases that you might not recognize throughout your journey.

Do you know these mortgage terms?

The mortgage process can often be a confusing one — whether you’ve bought a home before or not. There’s a lot of prep work and moving parts, and most of the terminology is unfamiliar to the average consumer.