How to Know When You’ve Outgrown a Home

When you purchased your home, it felt like a dream come true. Now, it feels like you’re waking up to a not-so-rosy reality. Why is that so?

You may be outgrowing your home. As a household’s size, preferences and priorities change over time, a once ideal living space can start to feel unlivable. Upgrades and renovations can alleviate these growing pains, but sometimes relocation is the best solution.

4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home 

1. Renovations have become constant or unrealistic.

Every home needs a little work from time to time, but renovations shouldn’t be an ongoing necessity. Plus, property limitations like your home’s size or HOA regulations can make certain renovations impossible. Once the constraints of your existing property prohibit necessary upgrades, it might be time to consider looking elsewhere.

2. You’re running out of space.

As new children, relatives and pets enter the household, it might start to feel cramped. Even a single-person household can start to feel too small as belongings accumulate over time.

3. Your lifestyle no longer suits the location.

Initially, your downtown apartment made perfect sense. It was within walking distance of your office, not to mention local pubs and eateries. But now you’re a parent working from home with a kid who will be starting school next fall. Suddenly, an affordable suburban home not far from school might sound more appealing.

4. Your income has changed.

Maybe you’ve received a promotion at work that’s significantly increased your salary and cash flow. Or maybe you’ve decided to quit your job, empty your savings and start your own business. Either way, now’s the perfect time to reconsider the suitability of your current living situation and adjust accordingly.

Thinking of making some changes? Reach out to discuss your home financing opportunities.

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