New Home Checklist Before Moving In

Buying a house can be challenging, but the work doesn’t stop once you sign those closing papers.

As a new homeowner, there are a number of tasks you’ll want to prioritize to ensure your home is safe, secure and primed for success before moving in.

Here are seven tasks to put on your post-closing to-do list:

  1. Locate the breaker box and water shut-off valves. Knowing where and how to shut your water and electricity off can be critical in emergencies like a burst pipe.
  2. Change the locks. There’s always a chance copies of the keys you received are floating around somewhere. A locksmith can install brand-new locks on all entryways before you move in.
  3. Reset the garage door opener. Similarly, the garage door opener will need resetting. You might want to have the manual lock changed out as well.
  4. Install or replace batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Make sure these safety devices are operating at move-in — though hopefully you’ll never need them.
  5. Meet the neighbors. Get the names and contact info of your next-door neighbors. You never know when members of your new community could lend a helping hand (or vice versa), so the sooner you introduce yourself, the better.
  6. Check and replace air filters. For optimal performance, HVAC systems need new filters about every three months. Check the unit and note the correct size and brand as soon as possible.
  7. Clear the gutters. Clogged gutters won’t drain properly and can potentially damage your roof. It’s a good idea to check on your gutters seasonally after moving in.

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